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Where Is He?

“He is not here; for He is risen as He said.” Matthew 28:6

Can you imagine being Mary Magdalene when Jesus appeared to her after His death and resurrection?

Sometimes in church I think about where Jesus would sit if He were physically in the congregation. I love that Jesus defied religion to show us the heart of God. He loved the broken and He revealed Himself to those that needed Him most.

Mary was documented as having been delivered from seven demons and yet she is the one that had the privilege of seeing Jesus and telling the others that He was alive! Truth is, she HAD those demons. That was her past, but her heart and soul had been transformed by a Savior that was perfect love. I wonder if when she started following Jesus, if people watched to see if she still struggled with those demons, and I wonder if she had to rebuke the enemy when a memory of her past came up. I sure wish I could hear her testimony!

Spending time with Jesus changed people!

I also wonder what was going through her mind when she thought Jesus was dead. She was grieving because her Savior had been brutally murdered, but was she also wondering how she would live without Him? Ohh, but that grave was empty!! He had defeated death and she was a witness of His resurrection. Soon enough she would be full of the Holy Spirit!

Jesus’s death gave us the opportunity to come out of our own spiritual graves, be filled with His Spirit and be a witness for Him also. What has He done for you? In the next few weeks let’s look for the move of the Spirit in our hearts. Ask the Lord where He would sit next time you’re in church….that just might be where you need to move to because someone might need your testimony, or you may need to hear theirs!

Dig Deeper

John 20:11-18 | Psalm 147:3 | Luke 8:1-2 | Mark 16:15

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