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What Shall I Do?

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?” Romans 8:35

When King Jesus sent the Holy Spirit after He ascended to the Father there was a bit of chaos. The people asked two questions, “what does this mean?” and “what shall we do?”.

There are times in our life where the Lord is moving in a mighty way behind the scenes, but all we can see is the chaos.

When Jesus appeared to the disciples, He said three times “Peace be with you.” When Jesus died on the cross for our sins we were no longer separated from God. The very Spirit of God lives within us so if we can have peace in the storm.

What is your storm today? Is there chaos all around? Do you wonder why some around you are praising God for His miracles and you are looking around like a lost child? Are you believing for healing, a loved one’s salvation, or provision for your needs?

Remember who you are, and to Whom you belong! You are adopted into the Kingdom of the Most High. When we remember Who we belong to something shifts. We can trust our Father to take care of the storm. We find peace in His presence.

So, what does the storm mean? Storms mean different things, but maybe God is pruning you and preparing you to produce fruit. Maybe He is taking that old wineskin and giving you a new one so He can pour something new into you. What shall we do? We press in my friends! We press in like never before and seek Jesus! We abide and stay in His presence. We repent for our unbelief, and we decree and declare His promises that He has given us! We praise Him in the storm just because of Who He is! He is worthy of our praise and when we press into Him the storm fades behind His magnificence. God bless you!

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Acts 2 | Romans 8

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