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"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

[Matthew 6:21]

The other day I made a quick trip to Walmart; you know the kind: you are on a mission for one item and nothing else.

If we are in total chaos our treasure could very well be lost in the mess!

On the bread aisle a sweet, older gentleman said, “You seem to be in a hurry.” I smiled, embarrassed, and said, “Actually, this is just my normal speed.” I honestly feel like this is how God wired me, I am sorry to those it makes anxious. HaHa!

We are all in different seasons of life and some days mine is the “what’s on the calendar today?” season. Whatever season we are in, busy or slow, we should take time to reflect and see if we are walking in God’s timing and have our priorities in order with what He wants for us.

Jesus was often late, but He was always on time for God’s assignments. Jesus’ priorities were always in order because His only mission was to do what the Father sent Him to do!

Are we walking in God’s timing?

Zacchaeus was a “wee little man” that was changed in one day by a visit with King Jesus. His priorities were selfish and greedy, but when he met Jesus everything changed! His treasure went from, in his pocket, to the Kingdom.

Where is our treasure? Is our treasure in our family? Work? Bank? Friends?

The Bible tells us that “where your treasure is there your heart will be also”. Treasure is our valuables and maybe that is time or money. May our hearts always be where the Father wants it to be!

One more thing to consider is that it is hard to evaluate our priorities in the midst of chaos and disfunction. God is a God of order and just like He worked 6 days and rested on the 7th we should also take time to rest and reflect.

You can also see that He has order in the Kingdom if you explore numbers in the Bible. If we are in total chaos our treasure very well could be lost in the mess. Are we resting and reflecting? Do we need to pray for order?

I pray today that your biggest treasure is in the Kingdom of God! I ask God to bring order out of chaos, that we walk in His timing and that our priorities be pleasing to Him!

Dig Deeper

Luke 19 | 1 Corinthians 14:33 | Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 | Psalm 16:5

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