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"In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins."

[1 JOHN 4:10]

This is the start to my favorite time of year! I love autumn! The upcoming reprieve from the heat of Texas summer will be like a breath of fresh air. A new season is underway.

“He is ALWAYS waiting for you to meet with Him and spend time in His presence.”

According to the Hebrew calendar, this time of year includes the month of Elul and there it is a term called the “King is in the Field” that is a part of this month.

This comes from the Jewish tradition of how a king would leave the palace for a month and set up a tent in the field so anyone could approach him as opposed to the protocol they had to go through when he was in the palace.

This is a mirror of what Jesus did for us! I am so grateful knowing that I can go to King Jesus anytime. He is approachable, He loves us, and He longs to spend time with us.

Has the enemy told you that you don’t have access to Jesus?

Has the enemy lied to you about how Jesus wouldn’t want to spend time with you because there are others that need Him more or maybe know Him better?

Don’t believe those lies. Jesus doesn’t operate on popularity or location.

Just because people in your life have been unavailable, let you down or not loved you doesn’t mean King Jesus will do that. He died for you. That should be proof that He is ALWAYS waiting for you to meet with Him and spend time in His presence.

He can’t heal your heart, refresh your soul or take you higher if you don’t take the time to sit at His feet. I pray today that you feel His love and know that His presence is as real as if He were sitting in a chair in the field behind your home.

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1 John 4:10 | Song of Solomon 7:11 | Hebrews 13:8

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29 ago 2022

What a friend we have in Jesus! Thank you sister for this beautiful word. Praise be to God.

Me gusta
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