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Note to Self

"For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You." Psalm 86:5

Occasionally giving grace to others is easier than giving it to yourself. I find that what I would tell a friend when they are being critical of themselves is not the same speech I give myself.

I recently heard a message by Robert Morris, pastor of Gateway, tell a story of when the Holy Spirit led him to tell a woman to let her past go. Robert did not know her past, but could tell by her reaction to his word that she still had not forgiven herself. He went on to tell her that the Lord does not remember our sins after repentance so she needs to quit bringing up the things the Lord has forgotten. How many times do we do this? We keep reliving our mistakes when we should see ourselves in the robe of righteousness He has clothed us in.

I'd like to encourage you to write a short note to yourself this week. Ask the Lord to give you the words, and write a letter to yourself from Him. Remember as you write this letter that the Lord loves you and His grace and mercy is more than we can fathom. Maybe you need to know that He is making something beautiful out of a mess, maybe you need to hear Him remind you that He no longer remembers the sin you are reliving, or maybe you need to hear His words of affirmation that He sees you are doing the best you can. Let His love for you pour out on the paper.

I pray today you see God's goodness and feel the love of a gracious and merciful Father that adores you and wants to see you walk in freedom and victory, with His joy being your strength!

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Psalm 23:6 | John 1:16 | | Ephesians 1:7 | Hebrews 8:12


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