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"Then he said, "Lord, I believe!" And he worshiped Him."

[JOHN 9:38]

Every kid should play in the mud! Make mud pies, get it in your fingernails and toenails, wipe it on your skin and let it dry so it’s crusty. Good memories are made in the mud!

“God's ways are higher, and Jesus did not do things in a traditional manner”

I enjoy reading the story of the blind man that Jesus healed with mud. Jesus spit on the ground, made mud, wiped it on his eyes and told the man to go wash in the pool of Siloam.

I wish I could have been there! I probably would have questioned this protocol a little and those that know me would have seen it on my face.

Spit? Mud? What pool?

We often think things must be done a certain way. Surely God can’t bring about the answer to our need the way things are going. However, we must remember God’s ways are higher, and Jesus did not do things in a traditional manner.

How many times do we limit God and His provision for answers when we think what He is telling us to do is insignificant or irrelevant?

Best part of the story is that he not only received physical sight, but the man also received spiritual eyes to see that Jesus was and is the Son of God. What the religious people missed he received!

Oh, how I love Jesus!

So today, roll some mud between your fingers and ask our Father to show you what He is calling you to do. Remember He loves you more than you can comprehend, and He hears your every prayer.

May we walk in reckless obedience to a Savior that loves us and wants to show us His glory!

Dig Deeper

John 9:1-41 | Romans 8:28 | Psalm 37:4-5

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