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“No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him…” John 6:44

Yesterday, I was hauling unwanted weeds to the cedars and as I was dragging my little wagon I was walking through the beautiful wildflowers. Wildflowers are always welcome around our house!

I was on a serious mission to cross things off the to do list, but suddenly had this urge to pick flowers and make an arrangement. It brought such joy to me as I selected and appreciated the beauty in each one! Pure joy.

Did you know that God hand-picked you?

You are not seeking Him because it was your idea. You are seeking Him because He has drawn you to Himself. Yes, it is your choice to follow, but we come to Jesus because the Father draws us.

Each of us has a purpose, but we need each other. One wildflower in the field might not be noticed, but a field full is breathtaking! When believers come together in unity for the Kingdom it is beautiful. I pray today that you don’t compare yourself to anyone else, but that you see yourself as chosen, as hand-picked by a Father that loves you. You are unique and beautiful. I pray you find other hand-picked followers that you can stand in unity with for God’s glory!

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John 6:44 | Psalm 96:12 | Psalm 115:1 | Isaiah 43:7

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