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Grasshoppers and Giants

“The righteous cry, and the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.” Psalm 34:17

When Moses sent the 12 spies into the Land of Canaan to explore, only two of the twelve caught the vision and trusted God for the promise. The other ten looked at the challenge ahead, saw themselves like grasshoppers to the giants and influenced the rest of the people that it was impossible.

They were bound by fear and were rebellious by not wanting to go into the promised land that the LORD had brought them to.

We can compare the bondage of our problems, addictions and obstacles to the slavery and bondage of the Israelites in Egypt. Our personal promise land is being free from that problem, addiction, or obstacle. Our promise land becomes our testimony! Do you see any “giants” that you have to face to get to your promised land? Do you feel like a grasshopper?

Or do you see the milk and honey and say to God, “Let’s do this!”

Getting to our promise land is a journey and sometimes a fight. We must face giants, and sometimes that giant is staring us in the mirror. The LORD is with you. If you have asked God to help you overcome and conquer, He will. We must let the LORD lead us one step at a time on this journey. The moment we sincerely ask the LORD to lead us to our promised land, He begins to set us up for the journey. We must have hope, want the victory, and begin our journey trusting in a loving Father to guide us and order our steps. We cannot lose sight of the promise, and even on days we feel like a grasshopper looking up at giants, we must remember that God is our deliverer!

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Numbers 13-14 | Exodus 14:14 | Psalm 18:2

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