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"Fixing our eyes upon Jesus, the pioneer and perfecto of our faith."

[Hebrews 12:2]

I really don’t like how smoke alarms require battery maintenance. One night Ricky was gone and at about 2 a.m. one of ours started that ear piercing chirping and I almost lost my sanity.

“Sometimes we have to be pushed to a point of doing whatever it takes to find our peace!”

Long story short, after a dramatic half hour of trying to silence it, I ripped it off the wall and put it on the front porch!

Sometimes we have to be pushed to a point of doing whatever it takes to find our peace. We have to be a little bit aggressive when we are pursuing Jesus and an answer to our prayers.

Think about the woman with the issue of blood pressing through the crowd to get to Jesus. She had tried everything; she knew He could heal her, and she risked it all to get to Him. Jesus became her focus, not the chirping of what people think, not the chirping of what hadn’t worked in the past and not the chirping of what if, but rather His power drowned out everything and she knew He was her hope.

The garment Jesus most likely had on was called a tallit and on all four corners traditionally there were tassels of white and blue thread. The blue dye was made from a rare sea creature that lived in the Mediterranean Sea. If you look up symbolism of blue in the Bible, it is representative of healing because of this story.

God commanded the children of Israel to put this blue thread on the tassels of their tallit to remind them of His commandments. If it reminded them of His commandments, then it reminded them of their identity as His chosen people.

I pray today you see something blue that reminds you of what Jesus did for you and that the pursuit of His presence and power will be enough for whatever you are seeking. May the “chirping” of the world be silenced so that you can hear His beautiful voice and press through the crowd to get to Him!

Dig Deeper

Numbers 15:38-39 | Mark 5:25-34 | Hebrews 12:2

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