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Enjoy the Fajita

"Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!" Psalm 34:8

Sometimes I find myself getting so caught up in what's going on or even what I am praying for that I fail to enjoy the beautiful moments I am in. This week I have found myself being overwhelmed by God's goodness. As I reflect, even in times that were hard or frustrating, His goodness is in all seasons.

One of my favorite authors is Brennan Manning, and he wrote a beautiful short parable called The Boy Who Cried Abba. The parable is about a little lonely boy named Willie Juan and his journey to build a friendship with Jesus, the Medicine Man. At one point Willie Juan is sharing his lunch fajitas with the Medicine Man and the Medicine Man says to Willie, "When you get to heaven, Little Friend, which is where I live, Abba will not ask you how many prayers you said or how many souls you saved. No, he'll ask 'Did you enjoy the fajita?' He wants you to live with passion, in the beauty of the moment, accepting and enjoying his gifts."

I read it years ago, but it still wrecks me. A few weeks ago I had packed Rayce leftover fajitas in his lunch, so when I dropped him off, in addition to my usual drop off love, I added, "Enjoy your fajita!" As I drove off the Lord reminded me of this quote again and I thanked God for the little things I enjoy so much. God help us not to take Your gifts and goodness for granted!

The Lord is so gracious to give us a purpose and a calling, but that is void if we are not enjoying the journey with Him. He is our Father and wants us to enjoy the gifts He gives us! I pray today that He loves on you extra. I pray the Holy Spirit will speak to you and show you His goodness. Lastly, I pray that today you enjoy the fajita! May God show you His goodness in the midst of the rain and the sunshine. God bless you my friend.

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Psalm 107:8-9 | Psalm 23:6 | Psalm 27:13 | James 1:17


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