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"Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!"

[Psalm 34:8]

Family meals at the table are essential in our home. I love how it is recorded that Jesus ate with people. He lovingly gave Martha a life lesson about slowing down to enjoy her company. I can’t imagine that Zacchaeus didn’t feed Jesus when He was at his house for the day. Jesus also restored Peter’s broken, shameful heart over the fish He cooked for them.

Jesus was on a mission to show the Fathers love and that often was at mealtime. What a simple way to love the people in our lives!

Take the time to enjoy your people like Jesus did.

Statistics show that kids that participate in family meals make better grades, make better food choices, are stronger emotionally, and have better manners and communication skills. As women it can be overwhelming to do everything we need to do, but I can assure you this sacrifice of time is an investment in your family. Jesus invested in the lives of others and mealtime is one way He built relationships. Oh, I sure would love to have Him at my table!

If you live alone then ask someone to join you at least once a week. It could be an opportunity to pour the love of the Father into someone else and fill their tummy.

If your table is full of junk, clean it off. What a better motivation for getting your house in order than to show the hospitality of Jesus.

If you don’t have a table, ask the Lord for one because He will give you one so you can give Him the glory as you use it for His good.

If you don’t have enough money invite people over for a potluck.

Truth is, with family it's a big possibility someone is going to spill their drink, burp, or say they don’t like one of the sides, but that’s ok because we will be connecting and building relationships with the people He has placed in our life. Take the time to enjoy your people like Jesus did.

May He give us the opportunity to love, encourage, inspire and bless like He did at the table. In my family, a glass of sweet tea makes a meal complete!

Let’s eat!

Dig Deeper

Luke 10:38-42 | Luke 19:1-10 | John 21:4-19

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1 Comment

When Jimmy and I first got married, I made a big effort to cook dinner and eat together. As time went on and we got busier and busier we have neglected our meals together! Thank you for this reminder.

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