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Where's My Hug?

"This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12

This week one of my favorite patients was leaving his appointment with his parents and as I turned to walk away he said, "Wait, where's my hug?" This hug was huge, and he just kept squeezing me. My grandfather used to give hugs like this, and his whiskers would even scratch your face a little. These are the best hugs.

My coworkers give me a hard time about being a hugger. I know not every one of you are, and some of you non-huggers are having anxiety reading this! I love you anyway!

I wonder what it will be like to hug Jesus when we see Him one day. Sometimes when I am overwhelmed with gratitude I tell Him how I wish I could give Him a hug. Think about the people that were healed by Him. Can you imagine the instant impulse to hug the man that changed everything? Our Savior is just so good!

Today I just want to encourage you to let our Savior embrace you. Run to Him in gratitude for all He has done for you. Run to Him for comfort. Run to Him for peace. Run to Him for strength and endurance. I pray that as you run to Jesus that He embraces you and reminds you that He will never leave you and that He loves you. I pray that you feel His presence and that the Holy Spirit will fill you up to overflowing. Lastly, I pray you feel like I did after that precious hug this week...I felt loved and that I had received something I didn't even know I needed. God knows exactly what you need today.

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John 3:16 | Luke 17:11-19 | 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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