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Let Us Go

“These things I command you, so that you will love one another.” John 15:17

Sometimes God calls us to step out and do things that might not make sense to those around us. As Jesus led the disciples to see the final miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead, they reminded Him it was in Judea and that He was at risk of being stoned.

My favorite part was Thomas said, “Let us go, that we may die with Him.” I would love to have heard him say it so I could see his face. Did Thomas throw his hands up in surrender for the final adventure, was this a brave comment to encourage others, or was it a sweet reflection of his trust and faithfulness to Jesus?

Would we take a risk with the Lord for Him to do something miraculous in someone else’s life?

Would we have made that journey?

They knew Lazarus was dead because Jesus told them plainly. Jesus also told them He was glad He wasn’t there so they would believe. Most likely they didn't know what His plan was, but they followed anyway. Were they actually willing to risk their life just for Jesus to comfort grieving friends? If it was important to Jesus, it was important to them.

If we are willing to love people and lay our own feelings aside to be obedient to what the Father wants us to do, then we will then see Him reveal Himself to all involved. Sometimes we see a miracle, sometimes He changes our heart, or He heals their heart, and sometimes someone comes to know Him just because we shared God’s love with them. Let's go!

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John 11 | John 13:34 | 1 John 4:8 | John 15:16-17

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