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One Thing

“But one thing is needed…” Luke 10:42

You know what is exciting? When someone calls the devil a liar and sees the truth!

When we are pursuing Jesus and growing close to Him then we can expect that in His presence He will speak truth into our darkness.

Our Father wants us to see ourselves as He does, and He wants us to be free from any lies of the enemy.

Mary was always willing to devote her attention to Jesus and she even poured expensive perfume on Him and wiped His feet with her hair. While she was loving, anointing and unknowingly preparing Jesus for His death, the disciples were having a fit over the cost of the perfume. Martha had even wanted her to be more helpful in earlier chapters.

Jesus said to Martha that Mary had chosen the “one thing” that was needed.

So, when the world is screaming a million things that we should be doing, the one thing that matters is walking with Him. Mary saw the truth. She knew that He was the way, the truth and the life and she chose wisely. When we are spending time in the Word and praying, we can hear His voice. When we can hear His voice then we can hear Him speak truth over the lies.

If there is any area of your life that you feel condemnation, shame, regret, hate, hopelessness or unforgiveness then talk to the Father about this and ask Him what the truth is. Let Him speak truth over the lie so you can understand even more His love for you. My friend, do not worry about what others will think when you fall so in love with Jesus that your surrender calls you to do something they don’t understand. Mary didn't listen to them; all she saw was the love in His eyes and feet that deserved the best perfume.

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Luke 10:42 | John 14:6 | John 8:44 | John 12:1-8

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