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New Mercy at the Altar

“And the LORD appeared to him the same night and said, ‘I am the God of your father Abraham; do not fear, for I am with you. I will bless you…So he built an altar there and called on the name of the LORD…” Genesis 26:24-25

We had a beautiful time at the New Mercies Conference this weekend! The keynote speaker, Tammy Trent, encouraged us to write what we needed to give to the Lord on a piece of paper, rip it up, bring it to the altar and leave it.

One of the purposes of an altar being built in the bible was to remember an encounter with God. When we have an encounter with Him it changes things.

Sometimes the encounter is to heal our heart from past pain, sometimes it’s to meet with us and show us His glory, and sometimes we have an encounter with Him that gives us the faith to believe for something we can’t see yet.

What a beautiful place- a reminder of who He is and what He did in our heart!

In Genesis 26 Isaac was so blessed that he was run off the land where he lived because of envious people and then he had two quarrels over wells they dug in new locations.

It can be assumed he felt discouraged, and it's possible he even felt that the Lord’s favor had departed. However, the LORD appeared to him and reassured Isaac of His promises.

What promises of God you are holding onto? Are you frustrated by your situation? Have you had an encounter with Jesus to know the Father’s heart for you and your circumstances?

For those of you that ripped up your piece of paper to leave at the altar, I pray you don’t try and piece it back together. Don’t forget the new mercy He gave you for what you wrote down!

I pray today He reminds all of you of a precious encounter you have had with the Father!

Dig Deeper

Genesis 26 | Lamentations 3:22-23 | Romans 8:28

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